Soushi Asaka



Biographical Information
Kanji 浅香 奏司
Romaji Asaka Sōshi
Birthday Unknown
Family Shin'ichirō Minato (adoptive brother)
Ryouya Kozuki (adoptive brother)
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Purple
Status Alive
Relationships Sora Hashiba (lover; depending the player choices)
Matsuri Honjou (lover; depending the player choices)
Alternate Personality None
Anime Midnight Embrace
Seiyū Yūji Ueda
Soushi Asaka (浅香 奏司 Asaka Sōshi) is the middle brother of Shin'ichirō and Ryouya. Soushi is a lawyer who loves to playfully flirt with Nanami, most of the time just to anger Shin'ichirō.


Compared to most of the character, Soushi acts a lot more refined, but he will occasionally get mad (especially if children are making too much noise). In the games, there are scenes where he and Sora have sex (depending on the choices the player makes). The PS2 game and the Drama CDs show that Soushi and Matsuri could become a couple.


Soushi grew up in an orphanage with his adoptive brothers, Shin'ichirō Minato and Ryouya Kozuki. Soon Ryouya left the orhanage and it was just Shinichirou and Soushi. During visitation, Ryouya would bring along presents when Shinchirou and Soushi were just children, but Shinichirou would get annoyed, wanting to play and spend time with Nanami instead.