Ryouya Kozuki
Kozuki Ryouya
Biographical Information
Kanji 小槌 上月
Romaji Kozuki Ryōya
Other Names Ayano-chan
Birthday Unknown
Family Shin'ichirō Minato (adoptive brother)
Soushi Asaka (adoptive brother)
Kano Kozuki (adoptive son)
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Purple
Status Alive
Alternate Personality None
Anime Midnight Embrace
Seiyū Toshiyuki Morikawa
Ryouya Kozuki (小槌 上月 Kozuki Ryōya) is Shin'ichirō's and Soushi's older brother. He has a psychiatric clinic and he does double-personalities-analysis to Sora and Sunao (with Soushi and Nanami's approval, though the same can not be said for the boys).


Ryouya smiles often and loves children. He brings always with him a pink rabbit and does ventriloquism with it to his adopted son, Kano. He originally worked for Aizawa.


Ryouya grew up in an orphanage with his adoptive younger brothers, Shin'ichirō Minato and Soushi Asaka. Soon Ryouya left the orhanage and it was just Shinichirou and Soushi. During visitation, Ryouya would bring along presents when Shinchirou and Soushi were just children, but Shinichirou would get annoyed, wanting to play and spend time with Nanami instead.