Rain is the third game of the series Sukisyo, the continuation of the previous game Target Nights and possibly the turning point in the series.


Sora and Sunao continue their life in school. All seems normal until Sora notices a child that looks very similar to himself. Also, some of his schoolmates are beginning to act a little strange. Even Sora begins to notice that something odd about his connection to Sunao and the relationship between their alternate personalities Yoru and Ran. Depending on the choices of the player, Sora may end up with Sunao, Matsuri, Soushi, or Minato. Collecting all the CGs allows the player to access secret endings that involve Sora, Sunao, Matsuri, Shinichirou, and Nanami banding together as cosplaying bandits 848, 370, 332, 416, and 773.


(Prior to White Flower) :

  • Sora: Working as a teacher in the nearby school (which is no longer an all boy's school).
  • Sunao: Has been missing since Rain. Said to be working for Aizawa.
  • Matsuri: Working in an animal shelter (needs to be confirmed).
  • Shinichirou: Has been missing since Rain .
  • Nanami: Still the school nurse
  • Sei and Kitamura: Students in Sora's class
  • Gaku: Still working with Kai Nagase in the chemistry labs, but no longer as a student
  • Nagase: Still chemistry lab manager
  • Hiromu: Working as a model with Kirito Nakahara
  • Chris: Still working at the nearby church
  • Soushi: Still a lawyer.
  • Professor Aizawa: Has been missing since Rain. Said to have taken Sunao and Shinichirou with him.