Hiromu Sakura



Biographical Information
Kanji 佐倉 広夢
Romaji Sakura Hiromu
Birthday Unknown
Age Around 15-16
Family Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Purple
Status Alive
Relationships Sora Hashiba (lover; depending the player choices)
Sunao Fujimori (lover; depending the player choices)
Alternate Personality None
Game First Limit
Anime Spirit Boy Hiromu
Seiyū Daisuke Sakaguchi
Hiromu Sakura (佐倉 広夢 Sakura Hiromu) is a young student who is in love with Sora (later on he loves Sunao too in the game). He gets into an accident that puts him into the hospital and becomes a wandering spirit.[1] However, what he does differs between the anime and the games.


In the anime, Hiromu haunts the halls of the school to find Sora. In the games, he possesses Sunao's body and tries to spend time with Sora (this is indicated by Sunao's sudden hair color change to white and the playful tune in the background). Hiromu acts very innocent and playful. Eventually, his spirit returns to his body. In First Limit, Sora can end up with Hiromu if the players makes the right choices.


Sora HashibaEdit

Hiromu is a very sick student from Sora's school that is in the hospital. His spirit leaves his body in order to haunt the halls of the school, looking for Sora. When he finds Sora, Sora is at first scared and runs away. Later on in the day, Hiromu follows Sora to his dorm and upon being asked by Sunao, introduces himself as Sora's lover. Sora protests, and Hiromu asks him to be his lover for just two days. While Sora does not exactly agree, he announces that him and Hiromu are going to bed (Sunao and Hiromu had been arguing).

Later, the two go on a date that ended in Sora telling Hiromu that he should go away, and never show himself in front of him again (this was after Hiromu tried to hurt Sunao), which a hurt Hiromu obliges to. Later on that day, Sora, Matsuri, and Sunao find out from Gaku Ichikawa that Hiromu was actually a student who was very sick in the hospital. They go to visit him, and Sora runs to find him (his spirit) at the ferris wheel. The two ride to the top, and as they are about to kiss, Hiromu fades away. The next day, Matsuri, Gaku, and Hiromu walk up to Sora and Sunao to announce that Hiromu was out of the hospital, though it seems Hiromu doesn't remember a thing about what his spirit did.

In the game, things go a little differently. Instead of haunting the school, Hiromu possesses Sunao's body in order to spend time with Sora. At the end of the first and fourth game, Sora has the possibility of ending up with Hiromu.

References Edit

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